After 10 years and a strategic planning with community involvement, we are introducing new features. In the first half of the year we plan the following programs:

  • The Philanthropic Community will present a completely new call for proposal
  • The goal of Urban Kaláka is to renovate, transform, and change the community spaces isn’t change, but this time the Community Foundation will not be the main organizer. In March, we are writing a competition and we look forward to the „kaláka” ideas of the community.
  • After the success of the Heuréka (STEM) program we are working to announce the Heuréka 2.0 call for proposal.
  • The community members will be surprised with a new community charity event.
  • In the framework of our Active Odorhei project, we will organize the Odorhei Performance Tour in partnership with the UEKE, Szekler Teker and Feel Good  Associations around the city.
  • And last but not least, we are preparing a special adventure for families.


We will continue to design and implement this with the community.
Stay with us!