Performance Hike – UTT 2019

Family and individual adventure around Odorhei

The Transylvanian Carpathian Association (EKE) Odorhei Department organizes a perfomance hike around the city on May 4th in cooperation with the Odorhei Community Foundation, the Feel Good Sports Association, the Szekler Teker Association and the Green Szeklerland Association.
Hikers can choose between 3 different courses: 10, 20 and 35 km. Each stage starts from a different location, but arrives at a same place where we’ll serve our guests with a warm meal.
This event is not a competition, we rather strive to have a common experience of hiking and an exciting experience for the participants.
Registration is subject to participation:

For those who register by the above date and choose the family course (10 km), we provide a hiking flyer and a personalized eco-friendly bag.

  • after April 26th, you can only register on-site.

Registration fees:

  • adults – 30 RON/person
  • 20 RON/person (if you are hiking with your family the 10 km course, family = min. 1 adult + 1 child under 14)
  • for children (under 14) – 10 RON/person

Pre-registration is finished once the online registration has been completed and the registration fee has been paid by the registration deadline.

Where does the performance hike take place?

– The 35 km cousre surrounds the city, starting from the Jesus Chapel to the foothills of Budvar with a total elevation of 1350 m. The distance must be completed in 11 hours, departing at 8 am.

– The 20 km course starts from Bradeti (from the school) and ends at a height of 860 m below Budvar. Level is 7 hours, departure at 10 am.

– The shortest section starts from the Sejke, then after 10 km and 420 m elevation ends at the same place as the previous two course. It must be completed in 4 hours, departures between 9 and 10 am.

Recommended equipment for all three tours: half gallon of water, hiking boots, hiking poles, sunglasses, sun hat, scarf, sunscreen, raincoat (in case of rain).

The UTT tours pass through the following points, each offering us a different landscape and view of our city: The Jesus Chapel – Mondo hill – Szarkako – Cekend – Bradeti – Cadiseni – Horvaska – Szejke – Ugron Chapel – Budvar – Hodgyai pasture – Csicser farm.

Surrounding settlements hikers will pass by: Sâmbătești, Feliceni, Tăureni, Arvățeni, Văleni, Vasileni, Obrănești, Beclean, Cădișeni, Căpâlnița, Vlăhița, Brădești, Satu Mare, Dealu, Polonița, Tibod, Sâncrai, Zetea, Sub Cetate, Fâncel, Ulcani, Lupeni, Păuleni, Firtușu, Hoghia, Oțeni, Tăietura, Lutița.

In clear weather the following mountains can also be seen: Bădeni Castle Hill, Roșia, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi, Fagaras Mountains, Harghita, Gurghiu Mountains, Gheorgheni Mountains, Becheci, Firtușu, Jesus Lookout Tower, Dobeni Lookout Tower.

The track of the route can be downloaded here.

How can we help hikers?

There will be several checkpoints along the route where the organizers will register the participants.

Refreshment points will be on Fenyéd and Sejke, where you can get water, fruit and snack.

At the finish line, participants of each stage are welcomed with a plate of warm meal :)

Event policy here.

Fell free to contact us via the event’s fb page or by calling 0756 025 410.

Take your family, friends, and let’s get to the outdoors together!