Be part of the change you want to see in the world!

Be part of the Philanthropic Community!

Be part of the change you want to see in the world!

Be part of the Philanthropic Community!

Join the circle of constant donors of the Community Foundation from Odorheiu Secuiesc and get actively involved in rewriting our future. A future where community and sustainability are the main values.


What do we do?

Together, we support local initiatives with positive impact from the community, social, cultural, educational fields. Any constructive idea that could have a beneficial output for the surrounding environment now has an additional chance for implementation, thanks to the circle of donators.

Just like the butterfly’s flap of wings can produce complex effects in the ecosystem, also the constant and recurrent involvement of the donators can profoundly transform the local community.


How does it work?

Fill the subscription form to the circle of donors and select the amount of money you want to send monthly, online through this website, by selecting Jótékony közösség destination. You can also transfer money monthly in the FCOS bank account.

If you want to make cash donations, please visit our office in the working days from 9:00 to 16:00. You can pay monthly or yearly subscription in one or multiple fractions.

The monthly donations will be used as following:

  • 50% for local initiatives
  • 30% for organisation expenses of the “Circle of donators” event and for supporting the expenses of the Community Foundation
  • 20% for the Reserve Fond of the foundation which is tripled by the Romanian-American Foundation and by the Fundatia pentru Parteneriat (until September 2022)


Why join us?

As a member of the Philanthropy Community, you will contribute

  • at identifying and endorsing local initiatives from Odorhei area with the main objective of improving the surrounding environment and the life of the community
  • at supporting the FCOS, in order to have also in the future the possibility to support constructive ideas that can have positive impact for our community


In addition, you will be part of a circle of donators who share the same values, and you can be able to participate at the exclusive events of the Philanthropic Community. And in order to feel the true value belonging to the Philanthropic Group, you will receive badges or pins as a symbolic reward for the membership.

Recommend to your friends to join the Circle of donators and let’s meet for the exclusive events organised specially for you! Get involved and participate actively in rewriting the future of the next generations.

You will be part of the change you want to see in the world, and you will feel the community’s deep power of transformation!

The implementations done so far:


„Kerékpáros piknik”


Az egészséges életmód tudatosítása
a „X. Tihadár Emlékfutás”
keretein belül


Önkéntességből való tanulás
– revice learning


Virágzó Iskola


„Családos kalandozás”


Lógj a családoddal, ne a mobiloddal!


„Ne ess pánikba” Törölközőnap


Mennyit érsz?


Kultúra? Minek?


Látássérült gyermekek fehérbottal?!


Játszva tanulni és tanítani!


Kora csodák, kora család


Future Makers 2.0




Kit látsz a tükörben?


Most már sejtem… autizmusmorzsák


Küküllő-part Kaláka

Be a Good Samaritan!

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Amount to donate /month


23/100 persons – 23%
2630/5000 RON per month – 52%

The community of the Good Samaritans

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Anonymous donor 2

Bákai Magdolna

Becze Julianna

Becze Szabolcs

Biró Anita-Bella

Chris Worman

Derzsi László

Kállai Emánuel

Kiss Tünde

Koncz Melinda

Márton Zsolt

Nagy Boglárka

Nagy Molnár Tamara


Orbán-Varga Zsuzsanna

Pap Boglárka

Péter Attila

Szakács-Paál István

Szilágyi Dalma

Szőke Erika

Tankó László

Tófalvi Beáta

Be part of the Philanthropic Community!