Small rural communities in action – ProActive Rural

Working together for a green, competitive és inclusive Europe

What is the goal?

Exploring the day-to-day problems of small villages far from rural village centers and mobilizing local human, social and natural resources, local knowledge of small communities to solve local problems and assist the development of own settlement.

Who can apply?

Groups of 3-5 people (eg groups of friends), but also members of smaller NGOs

More about the project:

The 5 selected applicants will participate in a training series, which will be held by KÖFE experts in cooperation with SZKA. The training will help the local action group to properly identify local problems and aspirations and to mobilize appropriate human, economic and natural resources to solve them and assist the development od settlement. In addition to the trainings, the small communities also receive an ongoing support activity (mentoring).

Other leaflets related to the project:

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