Professional meeting in Görlitz – Build Your Future!

The Build Your Future! project has been discussed recently on a professional meeting by representatives of the participating countries, including a member of our staff.

During the one-week session held in Görlitz, Germany in late April, representatives of the eight states (Croatia, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Romania) developed aspects of the project meant to help young people aged 18-29 who are considering to launch a new business. By developing their entrepreneurial skills and through practical education, the youth will be encouraged to set up their own firm – though this is not a mandatory condition for participation.

During the meeting in Görlitz, the representatives elaborated the outlines of the modules to be studied by those interested. These consist of 5 main areas starting from basic knowledge about entrepreneurship (module 1), continuing with developing certain ideas and use of creativity techniques (module 2), along with marketing concepts and the application of various marketing techniques (module 3). Module 4 will consist of learning operations like obtaining financing resources, creating value in the eyes of costumers, and stimulating sales pitch for continuous improvement. The last module deals with problems connected to starting, sustaining and extending a new business.

We are launching  the projekt this autumn for a target group of 15 young locals, who are to be selected after the public announcement of the training in September.

The project is administered by the International Academy Berlin (INA), and YEPP International Resource Centre.

For further information please contact project coordinator Melánia Kilyén (

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