The Unitarian Kalaka has started in 2011. The goal of the program is the development of Unitarian rural communities in Transylvania (community building, support and incentive of the local community’s initiative and cooperation).

The project has to be connected to the community, it has to be about the community. The project doesn’t compulsorily have to stand on religious fundamentals, but it has to involve the local Unitarian community.

The projects which get the donations have to fit the following requirements: they have to be based on community decisions, they have to satisfy the real local needs, they have to be based on partnerships and cooperation (actively involving the local community, local NGOs, institutions, enterprises), they have to mobilize volunteers and local resources, they have to to assure the long-term survival of the project after the support too and they need to create significant changes in the life of community.

We donate projects once a year. About the received projects a commission decides. The winner NGOs gather a fund, through the online fundraising site which operates within the OSCF. The gathered amount is doubled by the American partner and the NGO can use this total for the realization of the project.

The main supporter of the program is the Unitarian Kalaka from the USA.

We have supported 50 projects with 454.485 lei so far, in realization of the projects there have been 1.420 volunteers who has worked 13.076 voluntary hours.

„According to our calculations with our work we secured the utility of the church like a saint place and a community space for at least 40-50 years. We should try now to finish the remaining work and to strengthen our church with soul and faith.”

Sipos László, „Firtos Lova Ébredő Gondviselés” Association