The Run for it! Program has started in 2012. There are some bigger cities in Romania where the community foundations have organized a program like this, named Swimathon. But these programs have been based on swimming. Running was our option, because on one hand it seemed to be feasible and on the other hand we had professional qualifications and experience in it.

Run for it! is a fundraising program. It helps for aspirations of local NGOs to get the necessary fund.

NGOs, supporters (individuals and enterprises) and volunteers participate in this action. This fundraising program is actually a sport event, a collective running in the City Park.

The programs phases are the following: the NGOs check in with a community building project, they recruit runners who sympathize with the NGO and with its project. The supporters donate through the runners. They make offering for their runner’s rounds (but they can support with fix sum as well). The runners run their rounds on the day of the event. The NGOs realize their projects from the gathered donations.

Our most important supporters are the Merkúr – the Chain Stores of Szeklerland, Diemer LTD, Székelyudvarhely Municipality City Council and Dr. Lenkei Vitamin Shop.

In the last 5 programs have participated 658 runners who ran 8.054 km altogether, 4.320 supporters have helped the program, there have been 6.081 offerings, and 66 realized projects. The donations the runners have gathered is 256.754 lei.

Our goal is to help for at least 20 NGOs later on through the program every single year.

„The Run for it! fundraising action is a great occasion for extensive implication of the local community for the realization of the projects which have positive effects on the supporters too.”

Ilyés Lóránd, Feel Good Sports Association