The Run for IT!  fundraising event was launched in 2012. A few NGOs in some other major cities in the country came up with a similar project last year, the Swimathon. That program was based on swimming. We considered the run more feasible in our Odorhei. A Run for IT! is a fundraising project, which helps raise the necessary funds for the efforts of local NGOs.

The success of the program lies in its widespread mobilization and networking.

NGOs, donors (individuals and businesses) and volunteers will take part in the action. The culmination of the program is the actual sporting event, the running / walking in the City Park, which will be different this year due to the epidemiological situation, so each team will run / walk in different locations at the same time.

The project will take place as follows: the NGOs will apply with a community building project, while recruiting ambassadors (runners) who sympathize with the project. Donors donate through ambassadors. They can make an offer for the number of laps the runners will accomplish, or they can support with a fixed amount. Ambassadors run their laps on the day of the event.

During the first 5 years, 658 runners participated, 8054 km were run, 4320 supporters helped the program, 6081 donations were received, 66 community projects were implemented and 256754 RON was collected.

During the 6th Run for IT! 406 ambassadors (from 34 settlements) collected donations. On that year, runners ran more than 3000 laps, which means more than 4000 km. 2088 supporters joined the action (with 4154 donations) to help realize the ideas of 34 NGOs. They made offers from 182 settlements and 14 countries (Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, the United States, France, Germany).

In the year of 2018, 342 runners were ready to join the event, 29 out of them ran abroad or in some other settlements of the country: Canada (Montreal), United States (Oakland, Los Angeles), Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Sweden, as well as Zetelaka, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Torda, Bucharest, Arad, Konstanca. They ran a total of 32000 km.

35 NGOs participated in the 7th Run for HIM!, 15 of them were new (in the program). 2618 donors helped NGOs from 133 domestic settlements and 13 countries.

(England, British Virgin Islands, Denmark, United States, Netherlands, Iceland, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden). This year, a total of 202162 RON donations were received..

The 8th Run for IT! fundraising event had 389 ambassadors, 16 of whom completed the run at other locations. A total of 3502 km (this is the length of a highway to Portugal). In 2019, a donation of  266 509 RON was collected. Thus, this year there were a total of 4753 donations and 2960 donors, who, in addition to Romania, came from Argentina, the United States, England, the Philippines, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia and Wales.

Our goal is to continue to help at least 20-30 NGOs a year through this program.