The Urban Kalaka program is based on our tradition, which rooted in the past and it is about the voluntary and mutual work and help.

In 2008 the OSCF has decided to revive this tradition by renovating smaller playgrounds with volunteers. In the next years the program has grown. We have rebuilt the sports field in the Tabor and Bethlen districts, and we have made a little park and a fitness field in the Szabók street.

2013 was the year of field planning near the Jesus Heart Chapel, thanks for this the members of the community could go to visit the Chapel. In the next year we built the Dog park” then we have started an extensive fundraising campaign for the realization of the Child-friendly Hospital program.

By the end of 2016 we have finished the playground in the court of the hospital, and we bought a creative wood cube which is placed in the waiting room of the outpatient clinic.

Our target in 2017 is to revive some grey walls and concrete surfaces in Odorhei with imaginative and artistic drawings, so we can show the creative face of our little town and we can make our living spaces cozier.

In 2019 the Villanytelepi nursery school got a new yard.

Through our programs the supporters and the volunteers could ascertain about how real change can happen in a community, and how its realization depends on us.

Urban Kalaka