Rent a trampoline!

Taking in to consideration the experiences of the last year we decided to rent the trampoline of YouthBank team. It can be rented for a law price for family events, kindergartens or schools, but it will prove to be a great attraction on local festivities as well.

The trampoline is circular, 487 cm diametres, easy to assembly or to dismantle, it comes with a safety net to avoid accidents, and can be use to 180 kgs.

It can be rented for a day for 100 RONs, (and a caution of 100 RON that is returned when the trampoline is returned) or for a whole week for 500 Ron. Customers are supposed to provide transportation. (It can be packed in a car with the back seats lowered.)

The income generated by this way is used by the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation to support the Youth Bank program as the year before, when the profit was of 992 Ron.

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