… is the name of a fundraising project of the Community Foundation of Odorheiu Secuiesc. As its name suggests it is a campaign where volunteers run for a good purpose and in this way they contribute to sustain a project of an NGO.

Come and donate in that mode how you feel better!

What is the purpose?

To create local funds involving the community and sustain initiatives of local NGO’s. This event will be kept at 18th October in the town’s park. Till then there are some interesting steps.

The program has three important actors: NGOs, runners, donors.

NGO/initiative group:

  • will apply with a community project till 7th September (application form)
  • will search for runners who will run for their projects (till 23rd September)
  • will popularize the event to involve donors as much as possible (deadline for the online donation is 15th October)


  • he sustains an initiative, a project through running – THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION
  • the track (one circle) length is 1.3 km. You can find here the map.
  • the runner must do the registration (registration form and declaration), the registration fee is 15 ron/runner
  • if there is somebody who would like to run without sustaining any NGO, he can do it, but his registration fee is 40 ron.


  • anybody can become donor
  • the donor will choose a runner and will „bet” on him circles – 5 ron / 10 ron / or a bigger amount – for each circle of the runner
  • this „bet” must be done before the running event’s day online (on www.szka.org) or written on a paper in the CFOS office between 7th September and 15th October
  • depending the done circles of the runner donations must be payed till the next weekend at the CFOS office

The program’s steps are the followings:

  • the NGO will apply with a project
  • recruiting and registration of the runners
  • searching for the donors, who will “bet” on the runners’s circles
  • the Run for it! event
  • the donors will pay the calculated amounts
Nr. Activities Deadline
1. Meeting with NGOs 27th August
2. NGOs apply for the program and recruit runners 7th September
3. Runners’s registration 23rd September
4. NGOs and the Community Foundation popularize the projects, implicate the donors 10th  Sept. – 15th Oct.
5. The running event: Run for IT! 18 October, 11:00

The rules and regulations are valid for every participant of the program.

Ask the program manager, Peter Attila (0745-495392, program@szka.org) for more information.

You can find more information about previous Run for IT! programs: 2012, 2013, 2014.