This is the name of the new fundraising action of OSCF. As the name of the action suggest in this action volunteers run for a good goal supporting the NGO’s projects.

Let’s be a part of civil society and donate in way to join it!

What is the goal?

To raise local money by implicating the community for supporting the initiatives of NGO.

The action will take place on 20th October. But until that there will be some interesting steps.

The action has three actors: NGOs/initiative groups, runners and donors.

NGO/initiative group:

  • sign in with a community project until 10th September
  • will recruit runners who will run to support their project
  • will make publicity for this action to involve as much as possible donors


  • support a project by running for it – It isn’t a running competition!
  • the running track is 1,5 km long. Take a look on the map.
  • need to register: 15 ron/runner (This should be paid by the NGO for which he will run.)
  • if you would like just to run, you can do it. The registration fee in this case is 20 ron.


  • anybody (privat or legal person) could become a donor
  • the donor choose a runner and stake (offer) a sum – 5 ron / 10 ron / or a higher sum – for his runned circles
  • you need to make your stake/offer before the event online (on or on paper (in the OSCF’s office) in the period 27 September – 17 Octomber
  • depending on the runned circles by the runner the donator will pay the donation on the spot or on the week after the event in the OSCF’s office.

Here is a possibility to realize great things with small amounts!






1. Sign in the NGOs/initiative groups 10 September
2. Recruitment and registration of runners 12–24 September
3. Popularization of projects, recruitment and registration of donors 27 Sept. – 17 Oct.
4. Run FOR IT! 20th Octomber, 10 AM


For more details contact the project coordinator, Péter Attila: 0745-495392, If you are interested in the projects you can read more here, and also here you can offer donations.

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