Be curious! Be brave! was the motto of the second season of the Heureka Fund in 2018. The whole year of learning and lectures were crowned with an interactive exhibition and closing event on December 13th. The City Library was full of curiosity and many cool scientists on that day.

Those who were interested:

–       had a chance to experience really cool experiments, like learning how to handle dry ice while creating carbon dioxide water;-       they could also gain insight into a three-dimensional virtual world designed by children, or search for hidden treasures with GPS;-       in the digital planetarium, children were invited to an interactive presentation, where the features of our entire solar system were presented;

  • and if you wished to get familiar with the Photoshop software, you also had the opportunity to peek into the world of image editing;
  • in the IT corner teenagers have introduced new applications that can help them in their career choices;
  • and in top of that Prof. Ferenc Járai-Szabó from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Babeș-Bolyai, sent us for a treasure hunt in the world of physics, just like we were in an escape room;


All those smiles, the curiosity and the high interest in the projects proved that science is cool and enjoyable, not just for kids, but for everyone.

The OSCF is grateful for all the contributions that have made the Heureka Fund 2.0 even more successful. We would like to say thank you for the local entrepreneurs, the applicants, the students and experts. The OSCF is already working on to meet this demanding interest with Heureka Fund 3.0 in 2019.