Strolling with a walking stick

On the 28th of May we shall start our new alternative sightseeing tour: Walking stick. The guided tours around the city will give a great opportunity to get to know Odorhei better. We offer six thematic tours:

  • Pubs and Literature
  • Courts and Markets
  • Churches on and under the ground
  • Civic life in Odorhei – now and long ago
  • Life around the Castle
  • Bicycle Tour

All sightseeing tours are lead by professional tourist guides.

Although the program is addressed especially to locals, we can also provide guided tours in English or Romanian. Besides prebooked tours we also accept applications by organized groups at our center on Kossuth Lajos Street 20 or at the Tourinfo office.

A stroll in the city takes about 1,5-2 hours, and costs 20 RON-s (25 RON if you ask the touristic guide Odorhei Passport.)

City tours can be booked by phone (0752-069 400), by email (, or personally at the office of the Foundation (Kossuth Lajos Street, nr 20).

For further information about the departure time, route, minimal number of participants or the Odorhei passport please check our site here, or call 0745-654 164.

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