The Odorhei Community Foundation wants to create an online intellectual portal for those born in Odorheiu Secuiesc, but do not live here anymore and are still attached to this place, its culture and community.

Our goal is to mobilize external resources – knowledge, networking, support, volunteering – for the development of the city and the region. We are convinced that people who are attached to their hometown and live out of state have very good insights and opportunities that are worth sharing.

The OSCF strives to be the engine of the the region, with our projects and initiatives we help raise funds and support positive initiatives.

We also want to connect people who are interested in all this via a facebook group. First of all, we plan to raise awareness of the projects and initiatives we support and create opportunities for members of this virtual community to join them.

A more distant goal is to create a descent fund from which the group members, the supporters can decide for themselves which local initiative they want to support. In this way we can build a special connection between the local community and the Szeklers in the world.

If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire below so we can start thinking about some possible forms of collaboration.

Feel free to contact us at