The OSCF organized the 6th Run for it! fundraising program.

Compared to last year, the number of participants almost doubled: 406 runners of 34 NGOs were at the start.

During the two hours running time the runners ran more than 3000 rounds which is more than 4000 km.

The most circles, respectively 23 rounds, which is 29,9 km was ran by Csizmadi Mihály Zsolt and Orbán Attila from the Feel Good Sport Association.

The youngest runner was 5 years old, the eldest was 67 years old and the average age of runners was 32 years.

There were runners not just from Odorhei region, but arrived runner from Hungary and from Garmany too. There were runners who was running with his family, who was running with his children and who pushed his child in baby carriage and who was running in costume or in Kangoo Jumps brogue.

206 women and 200 men ran for the NGOs proiects.

2088 donors donated 4145 times. The total value of the raised funds is 183.356 lei. This is almost with 100.000 lei more than last year collected 87.424 lei.

We will offer more details on next week.

Thank you very much

the join and the persistent work for the NGOs,
the participation and the fundraising for the runners,
the generous support for the donors,
the selfless help for the volunteers!