TGE Transnational Giving Europe

Do you work with european donors?

Here you have a helping hand:
Give a gift for your donors!


Use the TGE network for offering to your donors the possibility to donate tax-efficiently.

In many european countries if a donor donate to a local NGO benefit in tax-reductibility. This network use this opportunity by connecting 18 european countriesAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The donors residents in one of the partner countries could offer their donations to any organizations from TGE partner countries through the resident TGE member organizations.


Cum poate beneficia un ONG?


TGE brochure: TGE brochure 2013


If your organization has a donor from TGE partner countries and you would like to benefit from this opportunity, you need just to complete this eligibility form and send it with the requested annexxis to us.


If you have any question, get in contact with us: