We make „Kalaka” again!

The topic of the Community Foundation’s Urban Kalaka program is „Odorheiu Secuiesc a colorful city”.

This project’s goal is that we come alive the grey walls and concrete surfaces of Odorhei with imaginative and artistic drawings, we show the creative face of Odorhei and we make more cozy the living spaces of our weekdays.

The design of these creative drawings will be prepare by the „Varázsecset” Arts School and the students of the „Palló Imre” Arts School.

In the framework of the program will be transformation two places:

  • The underpass under the block no. 11 in „II. Rákóczi Ferenc” street on July 5th in 2017. at 10:00 am.
  • The concrete slabs near the „Céhek” and „Győzelem” streets, in front of the „Szuper” shop and BRD Bank on July 12th in 2017. at 10:00 am.


We are calling and waiting all citizen who would like making Kalaka, that join for us, let’s make it more beautiful, more friendly together our city!

Artistic talent and draughtsman ship is not needed, but activity rather needed!

In bed weather we will inform the people from the potential time change in the Facebook page of OSCF and in the Facebook event of Kalaka Program.

We look forward to you!

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