We planed the future with the community

Part 2. – Asztalos Ágnes

During the summer and autumn, the OSCF made a strategic plan with the community members. Among others interviews were made with persons which participate in the community’s life and which make positive changes. In our next series of interviews, we share some of these interviews. 

The second part of our series is the interview made with Asztalos Ágnes. 


  1. According to your opinion which are the 3 most serious problem in Odorhei, wherewith should be to solve? What are you mostly worried about if you think to the community where you live?

The migration of young people and professionals, the questions of coexistence with the Roma minority and equal opportunities for children.


  1. What is promising for you, if you think to the future of your community?

Strengthening the civil sphere, the co-operation, bottom-up initiatives, the sparkling signs of the dignity against ourselves, our environment.


  1. According to your opinion what is the main role of the OSCF in the community?

The OSCF raises the NGOs and volunteers, shows that we can do it for each other beyond the politics and the offices. 


  1. What should the OSCF do in the next 7 years in order to support the community to evolve in the right direction?

For the community to evolve in the right direction it would be necessary for young people who are working abroad to have places and opportunities if they come home, it would be necessary for useful, up-to-date trainings, for strong local economy and to really listen to each other (from parking to wages, everywhere). It would be necessary to raise the issue openly without equivocation. The foundation could be involved in this.


  1. According to your opinion what was the biggest implementation of the OSCF in the last 2-3 years?

Maybe the community fundraising projects, but I like the projects for the hospital as well.


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