During the summer and autumn, the OSCF made a strategic plan with the community members. Among others interviews were made with persons which participate in the community’s life and which make positive changes. In our next series of interviews, we share some of these interviews. 

The first part of our series is the interview made with Egyed Ufó Zoltán.


  1. According to your opinion which are the 3 most serious problem in Odorhei, wherewith should be to solve? What are you mostly worried about if you think to the community where you live?

I start with the education, the health and the public administration, because I meet with these the most.

Education is a great clicked system, everybody is someone’s acquaintance, there is power struggles, interests, bureaucracy. The teacher is slowly an intimidated paper filling machine. The child doesn’t go where it wants, but goes where the parents can organize it. Based on interests, you can subscribe to school, should be take action.

There is a competition, who has a larger interactive board, who has strategic parents, who has more house work, who has higher graduation average or who has most points in some race. And in the great competition lose the most important thing: the joy of learning.

The situation is similar in the health system: there is lots of helter-skelter, inoperable things, interest fight, there the things are solved by force, they don’t care about people. If are some doctors, who care to the people, the system makes impossible for them. Humanity is missing from institutions.

The politicization, the interest groups, the fears is typical of the whole city. I see this in practice. The people don’t dare to take their opinions, don’t dare to initiate and this is palpable in the economy, in the culture and in the justice.


  1. What is promising for you, if you think to the future of your community?

I met with lots of great people recently, and it makes me happy. Many of them want to do something for good and this makes me even happier.

If the above listed problems a little bit soften and these people would be more courageous, great things can be accomplished. I hope that the sooner comes this time, I am hopeful.


  1. According to your opinion what is the main role of the OSCF in the community?

It should be supports activities without these can’t be realized. These are little projects, which determine, make more bearable our everyday lives, give hope and vim.

For these implementation don’t should a lots of money, but the originator hasn’t enough time for initiation, for implementation and for getting money. The OSCF can give money with minimal bureaucracy. I think so this is the most important role of the OSCF, but besides the Foundation starts exemplary projects, for exemple the Urban Kalaka.       


  1. What should the OSCF do in the next 7 years in order to support the community to evolve in the right direction?

The OSCF should be supports novel, radical change maker projects. You should be more resolute, it must be forgotten the following projects: „we want a multifunction printer” or „laptop to our association”, which are written through the NGOs, because there is another application.

The OSCF should be supports projects which able to launch a deeper process to the right direction. I think projects which it will remain memorable after 20 years.

I would like a humanity OSCF. It was attractive to me the Philanthropic Community program, where people were faced with people and the simple human logic was the decisive one, not something opaque bureaucratic system. True that we didn’t win because such a small human argument, but the things was at least clear, understandable and human.


  1. According to your opinion what was the biggest implementation of the OSCF in the last 2-3 years?

It is more humanity as before, it is closer to the people, to the community.

When I moved here, to Odorhei, I had an adventure with the OSCF and then I had a negative opinion about the Foundation. I think that there are lots of people which have thousands of euro salary and they collect the money from the people which have minimum wage. Today, this picture has changed completely to the right direction. I hope this direction will remain.