The answer to this question is all the more important as this death hinders both young people and adults in learning and in spiritual development. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is often found in the current school system. The Heureka (STEM) program aims to prevent this death.

Of the 16 community foundations in Romania, 12 implements the Stiintescu program.

Between 24 and 25 October, program coordinators gathered in Bucharest to exchange good examples, inspire and exchange knowledge about the program.

There were talks about effective and successful communication, but participants could also raise funds for the program. Those who have a good pitch have raised money from the BitDefender representatives and the Center for Evaluation and Analysis, an education NGO.

The most prominent was Sorin Badea, one of Radio Guerrilla developers. This is the only commercial radio station in Romania that broadcasts a scientific program called Sound of Sience. In addition to his appealing personality, he shared important thoughts with those present:

science ≠ learning
science = game

According to his words, “there is nothing that cannot be explained simply. If anyone says the opposite, he’s lying to you, he’s tricking you.”

It is a joyful challenge for the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation to be part of this movement that seeks those people whose passion is science and who can be the scientific interpreters for young people through interesting practices that give the experience of joyful discovery.