Who should we honor with Community Builder Award?

The Community Foundation invites the citizens of Odorheiu Secuiesc and its neighboring villages to nominate a person, company, NGO, representative of mass-media, who did something truly remarkable for the community in 2011.

Odorhei’s community has a rich tradition in caring out their remarkable personalities. Quite a number of schools, churches and other buildings have been built by community work. With this award we want to honor those amongst us, who take the next step and work for something more than their own individual gain and advance, who actively support causes which help our community to become a better one, to make this environment of which we all are a part of slightly better. We believe that it is important to appreciate their efforts and we would like to thank to these persons, companies, NGOs that they prove the love in all of us for each other and that a good deed return ever so much.
Anybody can place a nomination in any of the categories on our website until 9th February. Voting for the nominees will be accessible between 10–15 Februarys. The winners in each category will be awarded on 17 February at the annual Gala of OSCF.

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