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The winner of the third You Choose grantmaking program in this year are „A smile for the life” Association, „Szent József” Big Families Association, SZIK Baranta Association, KASZAJ Cultural Association and Haáz Rezső Foundation.

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Twelve NGOs took part in this program. The Community Card holders had the chance to vote on their personal favorite from the twelve projects. In the last two weeks arrived 3,461 votes. „A smile for the life” Association won with 930 votes, „Szent József” Big Families Association with 503 votes, SZIK Baranta Association with 360 votes, KASZAJ Cultural Association with 302 votes and Haáz Rezső Foundation with 262 votes.

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Winner ONG’s


the project’s aim

„A smile for the life” Association

helping needy people

1 laptop, 1  video projector

„Szent József” Big Families Association

helping big families with a lot of children who live in poor circumstances

1 laptop, 1  video projector

SZIK Baranta Association

preservation of the Hungarian traditional martial art Baranta

tatami mats, 40 arrows

KASZAJ Cultural Association

preserving folk culture

music instruments

Haáz Rezső Foundation

helping material and spiritual culture

advertising spots, flyers, flash ads


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