You decided!

The winner of the third You Choose – Rural Fund grantmaking program in this year are Pro Life Foundation, the “Ház a Holnapért” Association, the ”Székelymuzsnai Nők Egyesülete” Association, the ”Három Hegy” Association, the ”Székelygyümölcs” Association and the “Pro Tineret Derzs-Darjiu” Foundation. The amount of the financial support is 4494 eur.

Ten NGOs took part in this program. The Community Card holders had the chance to vote on their personal favorite from the ten projects. In the last two weeks arrived 1,792 votes. Pro Life Foundation won with 506 votes, the “Ház a Holnapért” Association with 224 votes, the ”Székelymuzsnai Nők Egyesülete” Association with 209 votes, the ”Három Hegy” Association with 181 votes, the ”Székelygyümölcs” Association with 164 votes and the “Pro Tineret Derzs-Darjiu” Foundation with 138 votes.


Winner ONG’s Activity The project’s aim
Pro Life Foundation youth education, keeping tradition, keeping the culture, community development, healthy way of life, sport activities laptop, raw materials for kid’s handcraft activities
“Ház a Holnapért” Association taking care of orphans and those who come from disadvantageous social environment toys for skills development (for kids), bicycles
”Székelymuzsnai Nők Egyesülete” Association keeping tradition, organizing handcraft activities raw materials for weaving
”Székelygyümölcs” Association local fruit production laptop
”Három Hegy” Association community development, youth education, organizing activities for youth and cultural activities office furniture, videoprojector
“Pro Tineret Derzs-Darjiu” Foundation keeping tradition, youth education lawn mower, brush cutter
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