The YouthBank has started in 2009 in Odorhei, and this year we have celebrated its 8th edition. This volunteer program is for young high school students and its goal is promoting the community participation among the next generation.

The duration of the program is a school year, and it is built around two activities: the fundraising and the grantmaking phases. In the fundraising period the students try to gather a fund by realizing their own ideas. Through the grantmaking period these young volunteers support with their money some ideas, plans and projects which are made up by other youngsters.

In the last 8 years the program had 51 volunteers, who have supported 45 projects with more than 662.000 lei.

Our goal is to make more students to stay in the program without an interruption, so together we can effectively do something for our city’s young community. For the OSCF it is important to show the youth how important is volunteering, charity and to educate them to be active members of their community.